Donkin Coal Environmental Problems

They arrived, then left us…with significant environmental risks

Environmental Concerns

Canadians seek answers to the following concerns from legislative authorities.


  1. When will the new technologies to control fugitive methane emissions from the Donkin mine be installed to minimize global warming?

  2. When exactly will the adverse noise levels be mitigated for the surrounding communities of Donkin, Port Morien, Homeville and Waddens Cove?

  3. Acid generation from the existing waste coal piles is a concern. What containment has been undertaken to stop significant acid (sulphur) leaching runoff from the reject stockpiles into the surrounding surface and groundwater?

  4. Will Federal and Provincial authorities monitor bird population health?

  5. As referenced in the the Marston 2012 Technical Report, did the Donkin mine intersect and breach the critical Donkin Fault seam, "a source of gas and water and adverse roof conditions"??

    Exhaust Tunnel

    Therefore, exceeding the design capacity of the single exhaust tunnel designed years ago by a world class expert on mine ventilation and gas drainage, Dr. Roy Moreby. If so, what mitigation procedures were implemented beforehand to stop increased methane emissions?