Donkin Coal Mine

A Parade of Misery

Betrayal of Science and Reason

Community Torture . . .

The following adverse community noise was recorded seven (7) kilometres from the mine's ventilation fans.

People are sleeping in their basements, temporary leaving their homes, and some have contemplated selling their homes - all to get rid of this annoying and stressful noise which some classify as “torture.” Source: Noise like Torture, Cape Breton Post (Opinion) April 21, 2022.

People have endured four years of suffering -– some residents are on the verge of developing chronic health effects.

  • Sleep Expert: "The industrial noise is linked to sleep loss and deteriorating mental and physical health," says Cape Breton University sleep expert Dr. Sarah Barnes.

  • Noise Expert: Worst they’ve seen in over 30 years. Source: Saltwire Nova Scotia. April 26, 2021.

  • The Environment Minister rejects the community's appeal of industrial approval entitled Sleep: A Human Right –– The Adverse Effects of Industrial Noise.

    • Our local member of the legislative assembly (MLA), who is Minister of Mental Health on the Premier's Executive Council and, is also the provincial Minister of Communications, undertook a public smearing strategy of vilifying a local resident during the industrial appeal process. Source: MLA's email.

    • Environment Minister rejects the precautionary principle.

  • Minister rejects Expert Report: Minister rejects Dr. Sarah Barnes community research report entitled, One Thousand Days and Counting: A report on the social and health impacts of industrial noise from the Donkin Coal Mine.

  • Minister releases out-dated Noise Guidelines The Environment Minister rejects community recommendations for updating the new provincial noise guidelines and best practise for measuring toxic tonal noise pollution generated by Donkin's ventilation fans. The government goes ahead and releases updated 2023 provincial noise guidelines which are already outdated.

There is no longer any community recourse available –– absolute impunity has been granted to continue toxic tonal noise pollution emissions indefinately.

Human Rights

States have duty to protect

There is no evidence of a strong intervention by the government to investigate or any strong reaction by the company concerned to investigate themselves.

  • Calls for an investigation into the health implications are dismissed.

A "flawed system" of environmental regulation in Nova Scotia and wider issues around "lack of access" to justice for communities.

The exposure of people to a myriad of harmful substances without their prior informed consent is a human rights issue.

Political Capture

<i><b>MacLellan</b> with Morien Resources President and CEO<br> Photo credit: <b>Morien Resources</b></i>
MacLellan with Morien Resources President and CEO
Photo credit: Morien Resources

Strange Bedfellows, coal's deep state . . .

Donkin Mine needs Financing

  • April 2022: Morien Resources (see photo above with MacLellan) cautioned that the Donkin Coal mine could close for good. "They need to find financing ... and that is probably not that easy for them to come by overnight." Source: CBC News. The billionaire owner of the Donkin coal mine is a major shareholder of Morien Resources.

Premier hires MacLellan

  • Within 24 hours, Conservative Premier Houston hires former Liberal cabinet minister MacLellan (see photo above) for top job as the Premier's deputy minister. MacLellan has been involved in high-level politics since 2010 and served as Liberal MLA for the Donkin coal mine area from 2010 to 2021. MacLellan will report directly to Houston and the two men will work closely together on key intergovernment affairs and trade files. Source: CBC News.

  • Six weeks later, June 16, 2022: Owner of the Donkin coal mine is making plans to reopen the Donkin Coal Mine. Source: CBC News. Morien Resources announces restart of operations at the Donkin Mine. Source: Morien Resources Press Release.

Premier thanks MacLellan

Donkin Mine hires MacLellan and gains Approval

The norm and the standard in Nova Scotia is to rubber stamp extractive industry mines without any meaningful action to protect anything.

Politicians rejects Community Concerns

<i>Noise and air pollution resulting from the transportation of coal overland by heavy B-Train diesel trucks.</i>
Noise and air pollution resulting from the transportation of coal overland by heavy B-Train diesel trucks.
<i>Community members say they don't feel safe because trucks are too big, roads inadequate.</i>
Community members say they don't feel safe because trucks are too big, roads inadequate.

Coal Truck Noise and Pollution

Health experts have linked exposure to coal dust to respiratory illnesses. Diesel particulate matter emitted by trucks hauling coal is also associated with pulmonary inflammation, asthma, heart attacks and cancer risk.

  • Elected officials have refused resident's numerous requests to hold a public meeting in the community.

Honour Westray: Enforce the Law

A Coal Miner Death @ Donkin

September 8, 2022: A serious incident occurred at the Donkin Mine –– a coal miner fatality. Over a year later, and the Nova Scotia Labour department still has not released independent preliminary or final reports.

  • The police and the regional coroner's office have not released the results of their investigations.

  • The special crown prosecutor for workplace safety has not released any statements, Source: Provincial press release: 2014

Coal Miner Injury @ Donkin

A few weeks later, a coal miner was injured involving a faulty roof bolter machine. Mine inspectors only became aware of the incident because the local police reported to the Labour department, National Observer.

Donkin Mine Safety?

<i>Donkin coal miners, (Photo: Stephanie MacDougall).</i>
Donkin coal miners, (Photo: Stephanie MacDougall).

Glimpses of Westray, a predictable path to disaster . . .

Former mine workers describe 'scary' safety practices. CBC has agreed not to identify the miners, as they signed a confidentiality agreement with the company and agreed not to talk to the media, CBC Canada. “It’s just a matter of time before somebody gets injured or killed”, Nova Scotia Advocate.

James Edwards, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's deputy mayor who represents Donkin, said the list of safety violations reported shouldn't be taken as worrisome to residents in his district, there's nothing that's going to affect the overall safety of the operation. "I still feel that this is and will be, a safe mine." Source: Cape Breton Post (Ian Nathanson), January 20, 2023.

  • A death and an injury of two coal miners occurred within the first month of Donkin Mine's 2022 re-opening.

  • Thirty-two (32) rockfalls and forced abandonment of section of the subsea coal mine.

  • Two undergound fires.

  • A Donkin official with a questionable record.

  • Political and regulatory capture.

A Warning from the United States

Global News Documentary –– "The Pit"

A must watch 20 minute video –– The Pit.

Nova Scotia politicians were warned to take another hard look at Donkin because questions surrounding the safety records of people running the day-to-day operations of the mine still remain unanswered by government officials.

Regulatory capture is . . .

<i>Thick black smoke is seen billowing from the underground fire at Donkin mine. (Daniel Dillon/Facebook)</i>
Thick black smoke is seen billowing from the underground fire at Donkin mine. (Daniel Dillon/Facebook)

Conveyor Belt Fire

"Any fire underground is serious, and Donkin coal is known to be higher in methane production than other underground coal mines." CBC News May 22, 2019.

Earlier, fines included "infractions ranging from unsafe operation of conveyor belts to accumulations of coal dust." Toronto Star (Canadian Press), May 22, 2019.

A few years later, a dangerous underground belt fire, with the threat of smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosion causing death and mine officials sent workers into the mine to extinguish the underground fire.

  • Donkin officials state that the reporting by media was false –– mine workers were not pressured to go underground. Source: CLC Meeting Minutes, May 2023.

  • But, Donkin's main water supply line was shut down the previous shift. CBC News

Provincial mine inspectors arrived the day after the fire and requested the company provide a report on the underground fire.

  • The Labour department had no way to independently verify the real cause of the underground fire.

  • No penalties were imposed by the Labour department in relation to the fire. CBC News and National Observer.

Adverse Geological Conditions

Instead of taking the time to understand the underground geology, Donkin mine decided to skip their feasibility study and go directly into production, Canadian Mining.

With only 11 core holes, Donkin mine admits “we took a big risk”, Cape Breton Post.

  • Section of Donkin mine reopens after month-long safety closure, CBC News.

In March, 2020, after approx. 12 fockfalls, Donkin mine announced that it was ceasing production operations at the Donkin Mine due to adverse geologic conditions.

Two years later, the mine continues to experience an additonal 18 rockfalls –– two rockfalls within days –– a total of 32 rockfalls.

Thirty-Two Rockfalls

<i>July 15, 2023 roof fall impairing mobility and ventilation, miners were underground. (Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration)</i>
July 15, 2023 roof fall impairing mobility and ventilation, miners were underground. (Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration)

The mine has experienced 32 roof falls since it opened in 2017, which includes the more than two years the mine was shut down by the operator due to what it called "challenging" geologic conditions following a series of roof falls in 2019 and 2020, CBC News.

Donkin mine also had to abandon and forbidden production work on a section of the underground mine due to adverse geological conditions.

Failure to Report

A few rockfalls were never reported and only became public knowledge when government officials showed up for inspections.

  • It was later revealed that officers of the mine broke a regulation that requires immediate reporting of massive cave-ins, CBC News.

Two Rockfalls in One Week

On Sunday July 9, 2023, the Nova Scotia’s Labour Department received a report of problems with roof supports, Global News. Provincial mine inspectors arrived the next day where they had no way to independently verify the real cause of the underground rockfall –– the mine was still given approval to reopen, CBC News.

A week later, the enormous July 15, 2023 roof fall occurred in the main access tunnel, approximately 1,500 metres from the mine entrance while miners were underground, impairing both coal miner mobility and ventilation, CBC News.

Briefing Note to the Minister

Get the risk to workers to an "acceptable" level. CBC News.

Mine Official with a Questionable Record

The government was warned that it needed to take another hard look at Donkin because "Blanchard isn’t the only official at Donkin with a questionable record." Source: Global News Investigation

In an on camera interview, the Minister promised to release a list of all the managers at Donkin but later stated it would “not provide private company information”, Global News Investigation (Gil Shochat, Francesca Fionda, Sandra Bartlett), April 23, 2016.

Negligence is . . . seven years later questions surrounding the safety records of people running the coal mine still remain unanswered by government officials.

Ventilation Problems

Just three weeks after miners started coal production, the province ordered the entire operation closed because of ventilation problems.

  • The main fan at the mine stop working, and the mine's standby power supply, required under the province's mining regulations, was not available.

  • The company assured the province that workers were pulled from the mine immediately after the power went out. But, the government has no way to independently verify that. CBC News August 4, 2017.

How did Donkin get government approval to start coal production without an operational backup power supply?

Underground Methane Fire

Playing with fire': Former Donkin mine workers describe 'scary' safety practices Halifax Examiner. March 22, 2018. A year later, an underground methane fire at Donkin leads to stop-work order. CBC News May 22, 2019.

Uncontrolled Greenhouse Gas Leak

<i>Donkin's Methane and CO2 Exhaust Tunnel</i>
Donkin's Methane and CO2 Exhaust Tunnel

Climate deniers . . .

The Nova Scotia government likes to call itself a climate leader but in reality it's a rogue super-emitter of greenhouse gas.

  • "Donkin coal is known to be higher in methane production than other underground coal mines."

Fossil gas methane and CO2 is becoming a serious threat to humanity, and Nova Scotia’s coal industry is underreporting and overwhelming emitting a uncontrolled amount of methane and carbon dioxide gas directly into the environment.

All of which translates into more severe heatwaves, wildfires, storms, flooding.

Cap-and-Trade Program

Smoke and Mirrors

In 2023, Nova Scotia announces Donkin mine joins provincial carbon pricing system.

In 2023: Nova Scotia's annouces provincial cap-and-trade program is winding down.

Fishermen Protest

  • Cape Breton fishermen dig in on barging coal Cape Breton Post. September 20, 2018.

  • Cape Breton fishermen protest outside Donkin mine over coal barge plans CBC News. September 18, 2018.

  • Fishermen oppose Donkin mine's marine terminal plan CBC News. September 14, 2018.

  • Donkin residents raising concerns over popular fishing area Cape Breton Post. October 25, 2017.

  • Kameron Coal postpones Donkin seismic testing CBC News. November 17, 2017.

  • Donkin Mine column misses the point Cape Breton Post. October 16, 2018.

Contamination of Local Wetlands

<i>Mine drainage directly into local wetlands</i>
Mine drainage directly into local wetlands

Groundwater Contamination . . .

Under fire by Illinois' pollution control agency for failing to adequately address long-standing groundwater problems."


<i>Indigenous ceremony at Nova Scotia mine to bring awareness to treaty violations, environmental concerns.</i>
Indigenous ceremony at Nova Scotia mine to bring awareness to treaty violations, environmental concerns.

Land theft is currently driven by an unsustainable, undemocratic, and fatal rush toward mass extinction through extraction, development, and capitalist imperatives. It is further enabled by a racist erasure of Indigenous law and jurisdiction.

Nova Scotia permits mining claims to take place on unceded territories without Indigenous consent.

  • In 2022 alone, Nova Scotia government sold 27,000 minerals rights to corporations.

  • Mine approvals are provided within 50 days and are not subject to public or Indigenous consultation, and most documents detailing them are not available to the public.

  • Nova Scotia does not legislate companies to consider climate change, cumulative effects of a project or impacts on Indigenous peoples and surrounding communities.

The fact that Nova Scotia stills grants mineral claims with total disregard to uphold Indigenous and Mi’kmaq rights and their territories is a damaging relic of colonialism that has no place in the present day.

Self-determination and land back will only be effective, fair, and sustainable if we reverse these trends.

Donkin Keeps laying off Coal Miners

<i>Donkin coal miners, (Photo: Stephanie MacDougall).</i>
Donkin coal miners, (Photo: Stephanie MacDougall).
  • A few weeks before Christmas, 49 workers laid off Novenber 2017 –– from the weasel words department: Donkin 'makes changes' to its workforce, Cape Breton Spectator.

  • Then, 18 workers laid off January 2019 following a roof collapse two weeks earlier, CBC News.

  • A year later, 135 workers lost their jobs March 2020 after two roof collapses within two-weeks.

  • Recently, over 40 workers laid off August 2023 after two roof collapses within one week.

  • Again, before Christmas, the remaining 100 workers were laid off.

Black Lung Disease

<i>Donkin Mine coal miners. (Neil Mackinnon/The Canadian Press)</i>
Donkin Mine coal miners. (Neil Mackinnon/The Canadian Press)

Black Lung Disease, "there’s a small resurgence in Canadian coal mining, but with limited data and testing, compensation boards are ill-prepared for the harm to workers’ lungs." Source: The Globe and Mail April 28, 2023.

Unfortunately, the social cost will be absorbed by the public health system –– not the corporation.

Potemkin Liaison Committee

Volunteer Community Member . . . "We have a meeting once maybe every couple of months and they tell us what they want to tell us." Source: Donkin mine fire. Cape Breton Post, May 2, 2023.

Calling for Change

Communities should no longer tolerate . . .

. . . a situation where the public interest is dependent on the greed or goodwill of a small group of privileged politicans.

A transparent separation of light-touch regulation and campaign donations politics would also provide hope that mining in Nova Scotia is inclusive and sustainable.

Calling for change grounded in shared demands for updated environmental laws and industrial approvals, including legally binding environmental assessment requirements for climate change, cumulative effects and impacts on the public.


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Ventilation Problems

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Methane Fire

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Belt Fire

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Adverse Geological Conditions

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Donkin Keeps Laying Off Workers

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Industrial Noise

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Coal Truck Risks

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Greenhouse Gas Leak

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Land Back

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Coal is Dirtier Than You Think

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Dirty Laundry

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2) Councilor, how many invisible VPs does one company need? Interesting truth about the way Donkin operates. here and here.

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Calling for Change

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