Premier Houston

Stop Donkin Mine Noise Now!

Coal Mine Ventilation Fan Hum

Adverse industrial noise . . .

The following was recorded seven (7) kilometres from the mine's ventilation fans. Noise expert states that noise is the worst they’ve seen in over 30 years.

Special health notice

The tonal noise emanating from the Donkin coal mine consists of blade-passing frequency that creates a harmful pure tone that can travel great distances and has the energy to penetrate through walls and windows where it reverberates throughout your house, disturbing sleep and ultimately your psychological and physical well-being.

The World Health Organization states the evidence of tonal noise increase considerably the adverse effects on health and is sufficiently strong to warrant immediate concern.

Betrayal of science and reason

Over 120 residents have been affected by the industrial noise emanating from the Donkin Mine. A number of significant adverse health reactions experienced include decreased quality of life, stress, balance disorders and noise-induced sleep disturbance as well as mental and physical impairment such as fatigue, irritability, headache, lack of concentration, anxiety, depression, tinnitus and hyper-tension.

People are sleeping in their basements, temporary leaving their homes, and some have contemplated selling their homes - all to get rid of this annoying and stressful noise which some classify as “torture.”

Community torture: killing us slowly

Dr. Sarah Barnes' research report entitled: One Thousand Days and Counting: A report on the social and health impacts of industrial noise from the Donkin Coal Mine in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

“I knew from news stories that residents were upset about the noise coming from the mine’s ventilation fans,” says Barnes, “but meeting with them, and seeing them break down in tears as they describe how the noise is affecting their lives, really drives home what’s at stake here.”

Local families have endured over four years of suffering -– some residents are on the verge of developing chronic health effects.

Some have also felt anger, grief, or a sense of injustice and feel further victimized by a lack of political action to protect family health.

Our MLA, a provincial cabinet Minister, Brian Comer remains silent, refuses to meet with the community.

Strange bedfellows

<i><b>MacLellan</b> with Morien Resources President and CEO<br> Photo credit: <b>Morien Resources</b></i>
MacLellan with Morien Resources President and CEO
Photo credit: Morien Resources

Coal's deep state: political capture

APRIL 2022

  • The billionaire owner of the Donkin coal mine is a major shareholder of Morien Resources.

  • Morien Resources cautioned that the Donkin Coal mine could close for good. "They need to find financing ... and that is probably not that easy for them to come by overnight."

  • Former Liberal cabinet minister MacLellan with Morien Resources President and CEO, see photo above.

  • Within 24 hours, Conservative Premier Houston hires former Liberal cabinet minister MacLellan (see photo above) for top job as the Premier's deputy minister. MacLellan has been involved in high-level politics since 2010 and served as Liberal MLA for the Donkin coal mine area from 2010 to 2021.


  • A short six weeks later, the owner of the Donkin coal mine is making plans to reopen the Donkin Coal Mine –– apparently financing was found overnight.


  • Premier Tim Houston thanks MacLellan for his 7-month service.

  • Immediately, the billionaire owner of the Donkin coal mine hires MacLellan –– special interests acquired a powerful advocate.

  • MacLellan is now the Donkin mine VP and alongside Morien Resources President and CEO (see photo above), both are directors of the provincial mining lobby association.

Regulatory Capture

The Government relies on the Donkin Mine to police themselves to provide critical noise monitoring, allowing "the fox to guard the henhouse," so to speak.

The Government outsourced responsibility to enforce noise regulations to industry, a shocking abdication by the provincial ‘regulator’.

Communities should no longer tolerate

Nova Scotia Minister rides elephant.jpg

A situation where . . .

The public interest is dependent on the greed or goodwill of a small group of privileged politicans.

A transparent separation of light-touch regulation and campaign donations politics would also provide hope that mining in Nova Scotia is inclusive and sustainable.

Calling for change grounded in shared demands for updated environmental laws and industrial approvals, including legally binding environmental assessment requirements for climate change, cumulative effects and impacts on the public.

Mining Law Reform