Donkin Coal Environmental Problems

They arrived, then left us…with significant environmental risks


On March 30, 2020 the Donkin mine abruptly closed, this was a shocking development. Prior to being put on idle status, there had been 12 roof falls reported at Donkin Mine since 2017 because of the challenging geological issues. Nevertheless, no one expected that the Donkin Mine would cease operations.

The fall out of the closure is clear for Cape Breton, lost hope, lost jobs and no economic development. But hope isn't lost entirely with future investments in renewable energy initiatives that will create more long-term sustainable jobs and a brighter future.

In the meantime, what are the immediate implications for local residents living in the communities along Morien Bay and beyond - the website has highlighted the following three significant outstanding environmental problems:

  • Methane, the strongest greenhouse gas, is being released directly into our environment, contributing to global warming;

  • Adverse noise levels experienced by residents and the associated health effects;

  • The negative impact on our unique and sensitive migratory and seabird populations.

Why should it be incumbent on Canadian's to live with the Donkin mine's environmental aftermath of a global warming legacy caused by unmitigated methane emissions that endangers our children's future, adverse noise pollution that impacts the health of our community and places our global significant wildlife at risk when existing technologies are available to mitigate these environmental issues?

We are not policy makers, just citizens, so it's not our responsibility to tell those who are policy makers what they should do. We do invite open dialogue to agree that there are local environmental problems to be solved.

We invite all constituencies to work together collaboratively, moving in a meaningful direction with rewarding outcomes to build an ecological sustainable society for our children's future quality of life.